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Saying "I love you" to someone is something beyond compare but also something pretty easy to do when you feel it in your heart. We've always been looking for new and unique ways to show off our love to someone and we all know that it's not that easy to come up with something completely stunning. But how about saying the wonderful and most unique phrase "I love you" in 100 Languages?


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Here at 3D DEALS we are always trying to offer our customers the newestmost stunning and unique products on the market. After months of research, designing and development, we are extremely happy to introduce to you the most perfect and special way of showing love to someone with our 100 Languages of "I Love You" Necklace.

Our Love Necklace is the most special present that a person can give to his/her loved onea friend, or a relative. The most fascinating part is when the prism of the pendant gets illuminated by light, the necklace will project the wonderful "I Love You" phrase in exactly 100 Languages! Whether you're in a relationship, have a brother/sister, a best friend, or maybe you are looking for the best Christmas present for your awesome mother, this is something that will be sure to give a smile.

The "I Love You" Necklace can be worn in 2 different styles and it comes in Silver and Rose Gold. It is a truly marvelous piece of artwork which has been created in only 100 pieces, representing all of the languages that have been used to design the necklace's prism. If you are looking for something unique and creative, we believe that nothing can be more special and beautiful than this.